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Nord Frost - "Solstitium" will be available on CD from November 3, 2016! Pre-order before day of release!

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Tags: nordfrostSolstitiummelancholicatmosphericambientneofolkmedievalinstrumentalneoclassic
melancholic atmospheric black / ambient / instrumental, Kazakhstan, CD & Digital
Cat. #: Digital021; 110D - DSR 025D / DEP 048D - digipack; 110 - DSR 025 / DEP 048 - jewelcase
Release date: December 28, 2015 - digital; November 3, 2016 - CD
Release status: available
Digital album: click to digital =>
Release page on the label site =>

Pre-order is open on the official bandcamp resources of label:

Pre-order: CD in digipack 6 panels, 6 pages booklet + gift CD with other release
from the label
Pre-order: CD in jewelcase, 6 pages booklet + gift CD with other release from the

The start of shipments of pre-orders - October 31


The basis of this instrumental no voices music work are atmospheric, cold and very pleasant keys and synths put on atmospheric black background with elements of ambient, neoclassic, neofolk and medieval. Lead melodies are easily remembered and come to mind long after, they are light, airy-heavenly and natural....

Light bright sadness, anxiety, sweet melancholy, personal dear memories and thoughts about a bright future - here is just a small list of feelings and emotions that may cause listening of this beautiful and inspiring album... Light and gentle sounds of pure melancholy practically without a severe and negative impurities. Listening to the album can see those landscapes, fields and valleys on which mind's eye roamed the сreator of this musical splendor. This music is music of wonderful natural legends, valor and light grief about the soon passing earthly life.

Magical sounds as if born in the forests of Lorien as if lost out here and fly in vast expanses of wasteland and fields, rivers and seas, woods and mountains, infinite skies, not knowing rest again and again appealing to the innate and inherent in each of us a sense of the beautiful.

On the album “Solstitium” Nord Frost is very close to new age and world music in the spirit of Amethystium and even Enigma, Gregorian, Era, and Deep Forest, and the the only very transparent resemblance with black contained in the dirty synthetic sound of guitars and the rhythmic tapping percussion on the general air and heavenly music canvas.

The album will surely appeal to the broadest circle of listeners because the tag is black metal in this case is rather nominal because it relates to ideological aspect but not the total musical component of the project, and this CD is much more authentic it will look on the shelf in the music collection in the company of Amethystium releases for example, rather than next to the compact discs Storm and Burzum that for the black scene is a definite breakthrough and achievement!

In the design of the work used photos of the author and photos of Katharos Melancholin (Lauxnos). Thumbnails these excellent photographs illustrate this wonderful music and reveal the theme of seasons. Press release contains abstracts of reviews from our media partner - portal.

All music by Max Nord Frost.
Photos by Max Nord Frost & Katharos Melancholin (Lauxnos).

The project & label collective expresses its many thanks to all wonderful people who helped us and supported us all the time!!!


1. Albente Caelo
2. Lunae Candentia
3. Noctis Magicae
4. Aestate Noctes
5. Imber
6. Suscitatio
7. Tenebris Mysterium
8. Stella Diurna
9. Aestas Nova

Total: 1:09:34


New CD release: Wisdom of Shadows - "Sciah Vosieni" ("Flag Of Fall") (2015/2016, CD), atmospheric black / ambient

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Tags: WisdomofShadowsSciahVosieniFlagofFallatmosphericblackambient
New CD release: Wisdom of Shadows - "Sciah Vosieni" ("Flag Of Fall") (2015/2016, CD)
atmospheric black / ambient, Belarus

"Sciah Vosieni" ("Flag Of Fall") - it's wonderful variations on the classic atmospheric theme of the seasons. In this music dominate the high keys, synths and guitars, the sounds of nature and mysterious magic voice - all merges in slow solemn dance, the dance of darkness, nature, wind, purity, freedom, infinity, beauty!

If you like music of Nord Frost, Elderwind, WitcheR (Hun) which released on our label, there you are advised to get acquainted with music of Wisdom of Shadows which will make you come back more than once to listen it!

Also highly recommended for fans of any beautiful atmospheric music, atmospheric black, post black, blackened doom, ambient, dark ambient and medieval!

Wisdom of Shadows are Artem Romanov (Erebor) & Denis Sychev (Deni Dark)


1. U Abdymkach Sonca (Intro) (In Embrace of Sun)
2. Sciah Vosieni (Flag Of Fall)
3. Razvitannie z Zimoj (Farewell to Winter)
4. Piesnia Viatrou (Song Of Winds)
5. Pa-Za...(Outro) (Outside)

Total: 31:05



Reviews of the album "Sciah Vosieni" ("Flag Of Fall"):

Interview with Wisdom of Shadows
for portal =>


Release Wisdom of Shadows - "Sciah Vosieni" ("Flag of Fall") will be available on CD from February 29!

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Tags: WisdomofShadowsSciahVosieniFlagOfFallatmosphericblack

Digital release: The Happiness Cage - "Silence Brings Wisdom" (2013/2015), melancholic atmospheric black

Digital release: The Happiness Cage - "Silence Brings Wisdom" (2013/2015)
melancholic atmospheric black, Russia

When calm voice that greets us at the beginning of the first track is silenced, the heavy waves of melancholy which painted in the darkest colours immediately gets hold of your body and mind! This waves like slow poison will gradually penetrate into every cell of your body, while your whole body will not be captivated by longing, so hopeless and clutching to the ground and all the other senses are silenced, unable to compete with her...

Each of us at different times in their life faced with the idea that in this world something is wrong. This idea is like a splinter in the brain: it produces a state of uncertainty and a hidden, deep-seated fear which dooms its victim only on the feeling of hopelessness. It is these feelings awaken "The Happiness Cage" in his creation, these feelings leave no space nor the faith, nor the hope or opportunity to get away... (Mafey)


01 - Indifference In The Eyes
02 - Don't Threaten Me With Hell
03 - Silent Skies Will Shed No Tears
04 - When The Skies Will Call
05 - All Roads Lead Nowhere
06 - The Earth's Oblivion Under The Snow
07 - My Distant Dreams
08 - Silent Skies Will Shed No Tears (Bonus Version)

Total: 44:32


Katharos - all music, lyrics, instruments, vocal (Lauxnos, K.M., Frost Flame, Six Realms of Existence, ex-Emptiness Soul)


Radogor - vocals for the song # 3 (Nordward, Radogor)
Abgott - vocals for the song # 4 (Black Lakes, Khladnovzor)

Digital release: Wan Skin - "Walking Through Depths of Thoughts" (Single, 2015), instrumental / dark ambient / darkwave

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Tags: WanSkininstrumentaldarkambientdarkwavedarkmetalmedieval
Digital release: Wan Skin - "Walking Through Depths of Thoughts" (Single, 2015)
instrumental / dark ambient / darkwave, Russia

Listen to a new instrumental track from Wan Skin project which previously published EP "Fortress of Solitude" on our label - new track it's dark and very disturbing atmosphere which created by slow and heavy guitar sound, cold keys and ambient background!


Ahndor - all music (Aspercrucio)


1. Walking Through Depths of Thoughts

Total: 6:30



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