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Digital release: In Tenebriz – "Embrace The Shining" (EP, 2015), atmospheric dark / instrumental

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Tags: In_TenebrizInTenebrizEmbraceShiningAutumnConstellationacousticinstrumentalatmosphericdarkmelancholicpostambient
Digital release: In Tenebriz – "Embrace The Shining" (EP, 2015)
atmospheric dark / instrumental, Russia

This In Tenebriz EP is a compilation of five tracks. Two new songs recorded this spring: "Embrace The Shining" & "When I Hold Your Hand". Remaining three compositions - soft and acoustic interpretations of tracks from the last album "Autumn Constellation", which was released in January 2015 on our label. Basic idea is to try to realize a lighter, acoustic and atmospheric material in instrumental version. Inside the infinite darkness of the night sky sharp-sighted heart always sees the radiance of hope and faith in a new and better day... Author devotes this release his darling girlfriend - to Polina!


1. Embrace the Shining
2. Rain Inside (Acoustic Version)
3. Grey Morning (Acoustic Version)
4. Final Thoughts
5. When I Hold Your Hand

Total: 21:51


Digital release: Epitimia & Gmork – "Solar Wind / Four Seasons" (Split, 2010/2015), atmospheric black metal

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Tags: EpitimiaGmorkSolar_WindFour_Seasonsabstractsurrealambientcosmosatmosphericdepressiveblack
Digital release: Epitimia & Gmork – "Solar Wind / Four Seasons" (Split, 2010/2015)
atmospheric black metal, Russia

What could be more abstract and surreal than death and cosmos? Only the combination of these phenomena. The absolute eternity of the universe, filled with cosmic radiation and reasonable thought forms, and anger hypocritical and unstable earth cast doubt on the reality of human existence and life itself. It makes no sense to explore universe and death, as well as to conceal resentment and anger on that and those for whom human-incidental phenomenon, doll. Today there are... but there is no tomorrow... There is not a protest, nor humility, there is absolute illusion of existence.

Nihil Art & Dark East is preparing a commemorative reissue which became a cult in certain circles split "Solar Wind / Four Seasons" of two Russian atmospheric black projects Epitimia and Gmork. This split-album finally will be released on CD after 5 years after creation and two releases on pro cd-r in November or December of 2015, but now that it's available digitally from may 31 on our bandcamp!



Solar Wind

1. Untitled
2. Morning Star
3. Melencolia I
4. Untitled
5. Faceless Glow


Four Seasons

6. Lose Yourself (Summer)
7. And the Wind Tears the Soul Apart (Autumn)
8. They don't Know Pain and Fear (Winter)
9. Requiem (Spring)

Total: 37:53

New release: Aspercrucio - "Dead Water" (2015, CD), tragic gothic doom

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Tags: Aspercruciogothicdoomdead_water
New release: Aspercrucio - "Dead Water" (2015, CD)
tragic gothic doom, Russia

Aspercrucio band was founded in 2009 in Kurgan by Stanislav Filinov (vocals, guitars, lyrics) and Mikhail Sartakov (bass).
Tragic metal is how Aspercrucio declares their music genre which is based on unassailable walls of viscid doom metal guitar riffs covered with gothic tiles of ornate keyboard tunes.
Poetry narrates about the last hope, strangled by the pitch-black darkness, about love lost and inevitable outcome of every human life.
At the moment the band has finished their work on their debut full-length album started at the end of 2013. The record represents everything the band was seeking for and hardly working on for the last three years. Songs are pierced by the concept of tragic ruination of love, the picture of despair when human inner struggle appears to be futile. One by one they lead to the culmination, the final song of the latest light rays buried into the dark depths of dead waters forever. And when the surface cleans itself of fading weak ripple there comes the silence... despair.

2010 – «Shades of the past» (Demo)
2013 – «Walls of silence» (Demo - Self release)

Band members:
Stanislav Filinov - guitars, vocals
Ahndor Yukhnevich - guitars, vocals
Mikhail Sartakov - bass guitar
Natalia Stupina - keyboards
Alexander Schukin - drums

Album production: December 2013 - March 2015. Recording at "Psycho Studio" ( vk.com/psychostudio ) Mixing, mastering, sound-producing by Vadim Pashutin ( studio.vadikan.org ) Vocals by Marina Dimitrieva (4,6,7) Back vocals by Natalia Stupina (1,5) Lyrics and music by Stanislav Filinov. Musical ideas by Aspercrucio. Artwork, design by Stanislav Filinov
Contact: vk.com/aspercrucio , e-mail: aspercrucio@mail.ru


1. The Darkness Inside
2. Endless Leaf Fall
3. Broken Heart
4. Abyss
5. Alien Reflection
6. Dreams
7. Silence... Despair

Total: 49:41



New release: Black Lakes - "Sorrow" (2015, CD), atmospheric & depressive pagan black

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Tags: blacklakesblack_lakesatmosphericdepressivepaganblacksorrow
New release: Black Lakes - "Sorrow" (2015, CD)
atmospheric & depressive pagan black, Russia

"My time hurries back
Where pain gave birth to light.
Where there was no me
In that pale world where is no life.
The inexorable rate of clocks,
Some are standing, others are groaning,
Finding all their slaves,
They will help to bring me back to the darkness…
Their hands froze for a moment,
One step, one twinkling.
Another one became an old man,
Silent cry and sorrow.
Tired rate, and passing range,
So many years have been taken to grave.
They’ve taken away the past and me,
My day, my last hour, they have been passed."

Crusaders go leaving behind another burnt Slavic jail. Detachment of warriors returning from a campaign on the ashes, sent following the invaders to avenge for their families and their native land. The final slaughter is coming... Conceptual, atmospheric and sad music story in firm Black Lakes style, diluted interesting sound surprises. Album contains by a beautiful 12-page booklet. For Black Lakes & Khladnovzor fans be sure to listen!


Abgott - music, lyrics, vocal, guitars
Sfavor - music, bass, programming
Dez - music, keyboards

Astaroth Merc (Miasma Recording, Raventale) - music mixing & mastering
Isterec - music recording, voices mixing, final mastering
Ruma (Hateful Tomorrow) - guest vocal (6)
Vladislav Zykov (Speed of Light) - guest vocal (8)
Plan A - guest vocal (10)
Epic Sturm - guest vocal (9), keyboards, programming
Artwork & design - Vladimir Prokofiev (Paint it black design, In Tenebriz)


01. By the Malice of Hoary Wind (Foreword)
02. To the Place Where the Smoke! (Part II)
03. Carnations
04. The Broken Arrow
05. Straightening the Back
06. Fate is Just a Word!
07. Sigh
08. Ashes
09. Russian Land
10. Time (Loneliness)

Total: 43:34



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