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Digital release: Lanthanein – "Lágrimas" (2016), gothic / sympho

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Tags: LanthaneinLágrimasgothicsymphosymphonicneoclassicalmoontearsepiphanynocturnal
"Lágrimas" - this is the first full-length album of a project from Argentina after EP "Nocturnálgica". The full album contains six new tracks, all 4 track from EP in a slightly modified version and the acoustic version of one song. On this album you will hear gothic music of highest class - leading varied female vocals that range from gentle whispers to opera singing in combination with male voices as clean and extreme, choirs, wonderful orchestral arrangements, cold sound of the keys, the combination as softer acoustic musical canvases, characteristic for neoclassical, medieval music and neofolk with more heavy guitars, mostly mid-tempo sometimes slightly faster than mid-tempo, characteristic for gothic rock and metal with some elements of gothic doom. Beautiful lyrics in Spanish language not devoid of the influence of gothic and fantastic literature tells us about the classic struggle between good and evil, philosophy and the vicissitudes of the human being, the spiritual suffering and self-discovery. This album leaves great listening experience and strong feelings which is difficult to understand because of its solemn atmosphere contains is both dark and light faces. If you like high-quality and interesting music and listen and love Theatre of Tragedy origins, Lacrimosa, Aeternitas, Tristitia, Avrigus, Sopor Aeternus - you should definitely get acquainted with this work! Also don't forget please - see the new video from project for the song "Nocturnálgica"! The release of the album "Lágrimas" on CD it is expected in the future!

Toda la música y letras escritas por Lanthanein.
Grabado, mezclado y editado por Matías Takaya en AV Recording Studio, Córdoba Argentina.
Realización artística y coordinación general: Lanthanein.
Producción: AV Recording Studio y Lanthanein.
Concepto, diseño de tapa y tipografía: Lanthanein.
Arte de Tapa: Giovanna Victoria
All music and lyrics written by Lanthanein.
Recorded, mixed and edited by Matías Takaya in AV Recording Studio, Cordoba Argentina.
Artistic achievement and overall coordination: Lanthanein.
Production: AV Studio Recording and Lanthanein.
Concept, cover design and typography: Lanthanein.
Cover Art: Giovanna Victoria


Voz Femenina y Coros: Marilí Portorrico
Guturales: A.N.XIIIU.X
Guitarras y Bajo: A.N.XIIIU.X
Sopranos y Contraltos: Ailén Ceballos, Hilén Blesio
Tenores: Ramiro Morales, A.N.XIIIU.X
Bajos: Guillermo Apfelbaum
Orquestación, arreglos y programación: Lanthanein.
Arreglos Corales y Dirección: Marilí Portorrico
Female Voice and Choirs: Marilí Portorrico
Guttural: A.N.XIIIU.X
Guitars and Bass: A.N.XIIIU.X
Sopranos and Altos: Ailén Ceballos, Hilen Blesio
Tenors: Ramiro Morales, A.N.XIIIU.X
Bass: Guillermo Apfelbaum
Orchestration, Arrangements and Programming: Lanthanein.
Choral Arrangements and Direction: Marilí Portorrico


Lanthanein official Facebook pages:



01. Lacrimosa et Gementem
02. Vestigios (Vestiges)
03. Lanthanein
04. Lágrimas de Luna (Moontears)
05. Epifanía (Epiphany)
06. A Orillas del Silencio (At the Shores of Silence)
07. Auraluna
08. Nocturnálgica (Nocturnalgic)
09. Lux Perpetua
10. Ceremonia del Alma Dormida (Ceremony of the Soul Asleep)
11. A Orillas del Silencio (At the Shores of Silence) (Acústico / Acoustic Version)

Total: 49:56



Summer 2016 - new atmospheric design of label resources

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Tags: atmosphericdesignlabel
Summer 2016 - new atmospheric design of label resources

At the moment updated:

We express our gratitude to our friend Katharos Melancholin (Lauxnos, The Happiness Cage, Reincarnation, K.M., Frost Flame, ex-Emptiness Soul, Six Realms of Existence) for providing the wonderful photos!

Lanthanein - "Nocturnálgica" (Official Video)

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Tags: LanthaneinNocturnálgica

Official music video for "Nocturnálgica", taken from the 2016 LANTHANEIN album, "LÁGRIMAS". Recorded, Mixed, and Edited in AV Studio by Matías Takaya.

Official Facebook pages:

Video Credits:

Directed and Edited by Lucio F. Mansilla.
Filmed in Sierras de Córdoba, Argentina.
Production, Concept and Realization : Lucio F. Mansilla and Lanthanein.
Starring by Javier Sánchez, Marili Portorrico and A.N.XIIIU.X
Photography: Lucio F. Mansilla.
Costumes, Makeup and Set Design : Azul Cohelo, Giovanna Victoria, Marilí Portorrico.
Assistants: Isam Sánchez, Juli Margiotta.

Lanthanein - "Nocturnálgica" in digital =>
Release page on label site =>

Digital release: Nord Frost – "Invasion" (2016, EP), melancholic atmospheric ambient, available from June 17!

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Tags: NordFrostInvasionInterSideramelancholicatmosphericambientromancesoundofraindarkelectrospaceambient
Digital release: Nord Frost - "Invasion" (2016, EP)
melancholic atmospheric ambient, Kazakhstan

"Invasion" EP - new experimental work from the project Nord Frost. This mini-album is the continuation of album "Inter Sidera", he is his logical continuation and addition. It is worth noting that in this music work there are disturbing motives that are generally not characteristic to Nord Frost music, also contains some cold elements of dark electro. The final track in this mini-album - is a composition which performed in the familiar spirit of the project - it's calm clear melancholy, romance and atmosphere under the sound of rain... "Invasion" EP will be included in the CD edition of the album "Inter Sidera" as a bonus which will be released on CD around November - December 2016!


Max Nord-Frost - all


1. They Are Among Us
2. Contactee
3. Destruction
4. A New Sky

Total: 15:15



Previous albums Nord Frost:

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