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Digital release: Relyos - "The Voices of the Northern Seas" (2016), post metal / post rock

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Relyos - this is music from the soul and for the soul. Journey through worlds and realities which displayed in a variety music styles but always with the same component - the love to music... "Voices of the Northern Seas" - this is the second full-length album of project, instrumental music which is an experimental mix of such styles as post rock, post metal, ambient. About the concept of album tells the author:

"The idea of the album "Voices of the Northern Seas" appeared under the impression of my first voyage to the New Siberian Islands (archipelago in the Arctic ocean), but realized in the second campaign. If in the first trip I have had only a classical guitar where I wrote material from time to time, it in the the second trip I took with me a full set of music equipment. I really wanted to create something conceptual!

The port from which we went it's my home town - Baltiysk, and ahead was a long way duration approximately four thousand nautical miles in one direction. The idea gained clear shape when we got out of the Baltic sea and passed the straits area which including the Danish Straits. Here was recorded the first song "Misty Skagerrak" which received its name in honor of the strait which connecting with the North sea. This song became a sort of intro before the exciting journey.

I've made the music between the working duties. I worked as a regular mechanic and execute of duty in the engine room where is very noisy from the working mechanisms. After the work I always went out on deck and was looking at the sea, I listened to his sounds and have a rest. The sea sang me the beautiful melodies, it spoke to me and revealed their secrets. Maybe it found an appreciative listener, and I wanted to share these tunes with other people, so, after a little chat with the sea, I walked and recorded this music.

All seas are different. Although this is one common ocean, and the names invented by humans, and all boundaries are conventions - each sea has its own unique character.

Music works were created with the passage of the seas. In the titles of songs I tried to emphasize the features of each sea which had been opened for me, which I saw, heard and felt.

In the North sea, which is sad and capricious, the dolphins were sirens. The Norwegian sea was struck by its power and the spirit! The Barents sea enchant by its color and blues motif. The Kara sea was unpredictable - something calm, something choppy as if worried about something. The Laptev sea was mysterious and enigmatic, the most silent... It's something indescribable! It's magic... In the compositions I have tried to convey this atmosphere, to convey to the people what I experienced, to share melody of each wonderful sea... They are sometimes lonely, they sing and say, they happy and sad, and really want to be heard..."

The release of third album of project titled "Rebirth" will be in digital on our label in the coming days!

New release: Lauxnos - "The Last Pier" (2015, CD), post rock / post metal / atmospheric post black

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Tags: LauxnosThe_Last_Pierpost_rockpost_metalpost_blackatmosphericoceansailorsmoonhopesea
New release: Lauxnos - "The Last Pier" (2015, CD)
post rock / post metal / atmospheric post black, Russia

"The culmination of life...the end is not easy but this is just the beginning of life..."

"The Last Pier" it's a conceptual continuation of the previous album "My Dead Ocean" which tells about how the main character of the story, tired of the hypocrisy and the frailty of life, left the human realm and went to meet the horizon, towards to destiny that awaits him amid the waters of the boundless ocean, towards to mystery that hidden from man.

The lyrical component of the album is endowed with philosophical meaning and worthy of a separate literary works, texts written and performed on Russian language by two voices - pure and extreme. Stylistically the album was made at the intersection of post rock and post metal with elements of post black. Exceedingly handsome and airy instrumental compositions and fragments alternate with more rigid and disturbing music material but not a bit less touching, interesting and memorable. The atmosphere that creates the album - cold and lovely, light and heavy at the same time, the voltage builds up, then goes down, what remains is the uncertainty depressing and exciting waiting very plausible and far from the lightest end, however through the development of the album, on the other hand, passes light theme about extreme hope that helping to overcome any adversity!


1. Morning at the Sea
2. Dolphin's Tale
3. Winds of Hope I (The Ending Calm)
4. Winds of Hope II (Meeting the Fate)
5. The Oncoming Storm
6. Gale Force 9
7. In Prayer to the Gods
8. My Last Pier
9. The Last Contemplation of the Moon
10. The Secret of Three Corners (bonus track)

Total: 68:31


Katharos - all music, lyrics, instruments, extreme vocals (K.M., Frost Flame, Six Realms of Existence, ex-Emptiness Soul, ex-The Happiness Cage)


Rain Prahlada - clean vocals (Nidra, Deny the Future Day, Chernaya Rechka, Prahlada Luna)

Recording, mixing, mastering - No Life Records

Album design - Vladimir Prokofiev (Paint-It-Black-Design, In Tenebriz)

Already published the first reviews of the album "The Last Pier":

and interview with Katharos:


Lauxnos - "The Last Pier" will be available on December 11 on CD & digitally closer to the evening!

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Tags: Lauxnospost_rockpost_blackpost_metal
In anticipation and anxious waiting the release of the new album "The Last Pier" from Lauxnos project which will be held TOMORROW - December 11, read a fresh interview with Katharos which is published on Occult Black metal zine portal!

The first review of the new album are available on Astartaview portal!

A review of previous, the first, album of this project - "My Dead Ocean" from Occult Black metal zine =>

Lauxnos - "The Last Pier" will be available on December 11 on CD & digitally closer to the evening!

Lauxnos: the announcement of "My Last Pier" album!

Digital release: Lauxnos - "And Only Ocean Save Your Name" (2015)
post metal / post rock, Russia

In anticipation of the release of "My Last Pier" album listen to a wonderful instrumental track "And Only Ocean Save Your Name" of this project that hints at a story that is going to happen with the main character! This track was never published previously! This track is not included in "My Last Pier" album. Album "My Last Pier" is preparing to release on our label this December!
Tracklist of upcoming "The Last Pier" album:

Winds of Hope II (Meeting the Fate)
The Oncoming Storm
Gale Force 9
In Prayer To The Gods
My Last Pier
The Last Contemplation Of The Moon

Bonus track:

The final version of the already published tracks will be different from the version on the single and ep!


Katharos - all music, lyrics, instruments, extreme vocals (Emptiness Soul, Frost Flame, The Happiness Cage, Reincarnation, Epitaph of Life, Die Scherben Der Seele, Hyperborean Frost, K.M.)


Rain Prahlada - clean vocals (Nidra, Deny the Future Day, Chernaya Rechka, Prahlada Luna)

Recording, mixing, mastering - No Life Records

Album design deals Vladimir Prokofiev from Paint-It-Black-Design ( )

Lauxnos official: ,


New CD release: Funeral Oppression - "The Prisoners of Life" (2015), post black / depressive black metal, Russia

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Tags: Funeral_Oppressionpostpost_blackpost_rockpost_metalatmosphericdepressive_black
Serious debut from a young band from Russia. Interesting varied musical material, executed in post black basic style, strong emotional background is unlikely to leave without impression and feelings. Life, loneliness, madness, nihilism, philosophical thoughts, deep gloomy atmosphere of hopelessness, from calm to hysteria. Album "The Prisoners of Life" available on CD from February 24! This CD highly recommended to all fans of different atmospheric music styles, post rock, post metal, post black, shoegaze, atmospheric and depressive black metal. Two tracks from this album available for you review here =>


Void - all lyrics and vocals
Ravenblack - guitars, bass, drums programming

Design - Alex (Mayhem Project - )


1. Enveloped by Shadows
2. In this Stunning Silence...
3. Away from Chains of Mind
4. The Prisoners of Life
5. Nothing... to Eternal Grandeur of Death

Total: 47:14


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